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“I got my wedding hair and makeup done by Bijou and was so impressed by them!! Meghan did our hair and I think it was Pam(?) who did the makeup–they were both wonderful!! I chose Bijou because their prices were competitive, they were flexible about where they did their services on our day (they came to the cottage we were getting ready at in Ramona) and did not require a trial.

Not getting a trial made me a little nervous but I emailed the hairstylist pictures beforehand and told the makeup artist more or less what I wanted and they both delivered! They also did hair and makeup for my mother, mother in law, sister in law, and four of my bridesmaids and they all looked soo beautiful!

They listened to what each lady wanted and executed it to perfection-and under time!! We were blown away when we were done way early with all 8 women! They were quick but did not surrender quality at all! They were seriously the best. I highly recommend Bijou Beautiful!!”

 – Jaqui R., San Diego, CA, 1.29.15


“Alli at Bijou did such a fantastic job with my hair and makeup. I actually got to use her twice over my wedding weekend and loved both of the styles she came up with. Sasha did the makeup for my bridesmaids and they all looked so beautiful and natural, too. I really appreciated how closely Alli listened to what I wanted and what my bridesmaids wanted. She also helped keep me at ease during a somewhat stressful getting ready process. Alli did my flower girl’s hair and was especially great with kids!” 

– Maggie S., San Francisco, CA, 5.24.14


“Theresa was fantastic! She did my hair and makeup for my September 2012 wedding (as well as two moms and a bridesmaid), and we all looked our best. She was courteous, fun to talk to, and accommodating of the wedding-day craziness at our house (the wedding location).
I booked a trial session and I am glad I did. 1) the look I thought I wanted for my hair wasn’t right for my day, and we figured that out before the wedding day, and 2) we had our engagement shoot that night and Theresa took out my up-do to leave me with cascading curls for my photos.
I recommend her to anyone looking for southern california bridal beauty!”

– Lauren B., Seattle, WA, 10.4.12


“I had a hair and makeup trial with Theresa, and she was great! She was very accommodating as far as setting up the trial, and the little boutique (The Wedding Shoppe) where we did the trial was so cute. 

She started off with makeup and it was absolutely beautiful! I didn’t really want to do airbrushing as I’m not used to wearing a lot of makeup and I’d heard that airbrushed makeup can look “caked on.” Most of the other makeup artists I’d been to previously had tried to talk me into getting airbrushing, but Theresa was totally comfortable doing traditional and she did a great job with it. My skin looked flawless. I was on the fence about getting fake eyelashes, and she convinced me to at least try them.

Again, looked great, and I was glad she’d encouraged me to give them a go. I only felt them for the first 30-45 minutes they were in place, then I kind of forgot about them like she said I would. I could tell they would make a big difference for photos. My eye makeup was very pretty – subtle with some very skillful blending. Again, I’m someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, so I really didn’t want a look that was super dramatic or dark – I just wanted to look like “the best version of myself” as they say. And Theresa definitely made that happen.

Then we got to work on hair. I had a pretty specific idea of what I wanted, which was a side ponytail with a good amount of “poof” and volume at the top. Theresa spent a lot of time spraying and curling my hair, which really has a hard time holding curl. It did take a while to get the desired level of volume at the top but eventually we got there. By the end of it we were pretty close to what I wanted but because we had taken it down and re-arranged it a couple of times it didn’t look super smooth. Theresa reassured me that it would look better the day of the wedding when we hadn’t spent the last hour putting it up and taking it down, but that made me a little nervous, so we decided to schedule a separate “hair-only” repeat trial to nail down the look I wanted. Again, Theresa was super accommodating about scheduling the second trial.

As it turns out, I never made it to the second hair trial because I ended up scheduling with another hair/makeup stylist. This is not at all a reflection of Theresa’s skills. As it turned out the other stylist I ended up booking with was a friend of a friend and was able to give me a great deal on pricing. I felt like I couldn’t pass up that deal since I’m already a little over-budget. But Theresa was great – professional, friendly, and obviously very talented – and I would highly recommend her for your wedding day hair and makeup needs!”

– Evan H.. San Diego, CA. 3.30.13


“I had my hair/makeup trial with Sarah Jones this past weekend and I could not be more excited to have found someone who could execute my vision and style for my Temecula wedding. The trial was at my home in Fullerton, which was convenient for myself and my maid of honor who was visiting that weekend. I love that this is standard and not at an additional cost. 

I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with my hair & upon speaking with Sarah about my likes & dislikes, she tried a style that I would have never considered but ended up falling in love with. I also wasn’t sure if I wanted airbrush or traditional and she was able to help me make the best decision based on the look I was going for. Sarah was also very accommodating and patient with all of my crazy requests and questions. My previous trial with a different company was very rushed, so I didn’t feel like I was to give my input or make any changes. My hair stayed in place and looked amazing, even with the humid weather we were having that day. My makeup also looked very natural and lasted through the day. 

I am on a pretty strict budget for my wedding and feel like the pricing on their wedding packages are very fair compared to other companies. I especially appreciate that they don’t charge travel fees, since this tends to add quite a bit to most packages.” 

– Jessica R., Fullerton, CA, 7.20.15


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